Burning Stars: Say your name, position in the band and something interesting about yourself.
Noelle LeBlanc (vocals/guitar): Well Hello! My name is Noelle Marie LeBlanc, I like romantic walks on the beach and skinny
dipping at night. Eating ice cream on hot day after a long afternoon of bike riding. I pick my cuticles and pull out my hair.
And my grandfather is 104 years old.

BS: Your full length album, Out Here All Night hits stores on May 23rd, tell us about the recording process.
Noelle: We started in early 2004. Our friend and terrific engineer, David Spreng, would come and go from LA to Boston and
set up camp in Dustin's room in his and my apartment on the outskirts of Bean town for a couple weeks at a time.

We started off with a couple no brainers and at a comfortable pace, got our groove and started dishin'em out. Drums, rhythm
guitars and bass were cut at Small Church, an intimate studio located in next to Fenway Park. Most of the vocals in my
room. Lead guitar and all other production happened exclusively in Dustin's room.

We all had jobs but Dustin's and mine were very flexible so we were home all the time writing lyrics at the kitchen table,
smoking cigarettes and making juice.

It's different from a regular studio working environment. There were no time blocks paid for or producers guiding you and
swaying you one way or the other. We woke up at the crack of noon each day, went for our Dunkin Donuts fill to get
ourselves focused.

Woods took the T over after work and he'd sit for hours perfecting and building the guitar tracks. We Worked and fucked off
til 1:30am just in time for a couple beers at the bar up the street.

Over the course of about two years we recorded over 30 songs and made the best record we could, one that we whole heartily
believe in. Luckily half way through the process we joined up with Island and they gave us funding at just the right time
before we could no longer afford it ourselves.

We did save a whole lot of money and used it towards getting Tom Lord Alge and Michael Shipley to mix and Bob Ludwig
to Master it. They put their magic touch and completed the masterpiece.

BS: What was the toughest part of recording your album?
Noelle: In the midst of commotion  when we were lacking support from our initial label and worried about the outcome of
everything, Vazquez had been gettin' himself worked up about it and exhausted himself and ended up in the hospital. He
was all fucked up and we didn't know if he was going to pull through or not. It was scary as shit.

Fortunately he's still rocking out with us and no one can stop him.

BS:. You produced your album, what made you want to produce it yourselves?
Noelle: When we began recording we didn't have the finances for a producer. When it came time to having the opportunity
to switch to a real studio and producer we were well on our way already and left it to the label to decide whether we needed to
or not and they knew we were doing just fine on our own.

BS: You worked with MTVU and the film department of Brooklyn College on your video "Out Here All Night". What was it
like working with them?
Noelle: It was truly awesome. Every single person on the set was so cool. I had the best time. We ran around crawling in dirt
and trees all night and into the morning in bitter January.

It was shot at an old army base in Queens so the surroundings were quite scenic and adventurous. We spent a lot of time
staying warm inside the house making snacks out of granola bars, peanut butter and bananas.

BS: You have opened for bands like Less Than Jake and Butch Walker, in June you will be headlining some of your own
shows. Do you feel this will add more pressure on you as a band?
Noelle: Well we are no where near the experience of those bands you mention so it is a bit intimidating trying to live up to
their status as performers. But we're confident in our abilities to entertain, I think we won't have a problem satisfying our

BS: You are currently on tour with Bullets & Octane and Valient Thorr, how do you feel the tour has been going so far?  
What have been some of the highlights of the tour?
Noelle: Let me tell ya, these couple of bands are one of a kind. It has been such a blast. I'm always sad, I even cry ending
tours, but we have so much fun with these guys, I'm going to miss them. Valient Thorr's from Venus and they are quite the
characters. Somethings always occurring on their front. The Bullets guys are a bunch of ball busters and like to get us in
trouble. Every night's a highlight.

BS: What would be your dream tour?
Noelle: I love the big festival shows, outside, with many  bands. Something like the Warped Tour with all our friends would

BS: What is the goal of the band?
Noelle: I know we're all going to play music for the rest of our lives. Right now we want to go as far with Damone as we can.
Once we've reached our wits end we'll move on to try new things. Forever cherishing the music we made and will make

BS: What can fans expect from Damone in the next six months?
Noelle: We will be all over, raping and pillaging, so keep your eyes peeled and Damone in your hearts. We'll be coming to
your town soon you melt your faces.
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Damone interview by: Maureen Benedict